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St Cloud Florida

Photo by Ricymar Photography

Photo by Ricymar Photography

St Cloud Florida  –  Originally filled by swamps and unusable land, St. Cloud was eventually developed and made into a railway system and sugarcane plantation. St. Cloud gradually grew from just a profit and a community formed. The town became known as a Soldiers colony and was nominated as such by the Kissimmee Valley Gazette in 1909. Once a small community, now a town of over 20,000 people and full of rich history and a fascinating story to tell.

Taking a stroll through St. Cloud’s down town, one can see the past come alive. The beauty of the city’s simplicity is something to be admired. Along with historic structures, St. Cloud has numerous other activities to enjoy. Triple N Ranch Wildlife Management Area Trails is the center for hiking and has endless scenic views and multiple hammocks to lay back and relax in. St. Cloud is also home to the Reptile World Serpentarium where individuals are educated on the many species that exist in the cold- blooded family. After visiting Reptile World, get lost in the enormous Partin Ranch Corn Maze; challenge friends to see who can find their way out first. Next, take a airboat tour with Marsh Landing Adventures; bird watching, hunting, and boating can be enjoyed on this adventure.

St. Cloud is a beautifully simple city in which visitors and locals are engulfed by nature and historic buildings and landscaping. The simple things in life are appreciated and enjoyed by the community and visitors. Forget time exists and take in the simplistic lifestyle of St. Cloud recipients. Located just outside of Kissimmee, St. Cloud is the perfect city to visit after leaving the “Gateway to Fun”.

Fast Facts

State: Florida
Founded: 1889
Incorporated: 1925
Population: 107,685


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