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Poinciana Florida

Poinciana Florida

Photo By AE Sanfacon

Poinciana Florida – Gulf America Corporation developed Poinciana as a retirement destination in the 1960s and remains a quiet, relaxed environment today. Richichi, famous pro wrestler, would agree Poinciana is a great place to live, as he is a local. Poinciana is a planned community and a total of ten villages make up the population. Although a quiet community, the city has a lot to offer attraction wise. Old timey cafes are a fun way to shake things up and Poinciana is full of them. Along with fun dining, the city has many nearby attractions such as gardens, museums, and interactive sites.

The city is full of fun road trip destinations such as the local boardwalk-style ice cream shop Beaches and Cream. Also check out the Florida’s Natural Growers Grove House located just outside of Poinciana in Lake Wales. The freshest foods can be found along with having an educational experience. Bok Tower Gardens is another must see attraction located nearby. This breathtaking garden has twenty-three million visitors every year; historical landscaping explains the garden’s popularity. Who said Halloween could only be celebrated once a year? Poinciana is home to the Spook Hill where spirits push cars up hill, some say gravity, but those who have actually experienced this disagree.

Poinciana is a remarkable location to retire and is a fun road trip destination. Located near all the major cities with popular tourist attractions, locals don’t miss out on the fun.

Fast Facts

State: Florida
Population: 30,675


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